Residential Canopies

At Canopy Tech, we know what it takes to design top-of-the-line house canopies for any outdoor space.

Made to last, with weather protection in any condition, we guarantee that our canopies will delight you for years.

A fully customised residential canopy extends your outdoor living space and provides an idyllic area for relaxing or entertaining in any weather. For events like barbecues or birthday parties, a residential canopy ensures that your guests remain safe from natural weather changes while they enjoy the outdoors. That’s why you need a specialist that can deliver a high-quality and sophisticated canopy that will blend into any home while remaining fully functional and durable.

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Getting Started with Your House Canopy

  • Flat canopy

    Canopy type

    We offer different canopy types for houses of all levels. Single-level homes can have flat, arch, or gable canopy types, with flat canopies the most common.

  • Aerial view of canopy


    With a full scope of design options for both roof and framing, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice on a customisable canopy solution. Choose between clear, bronze, grey, or opaque roof options and from the full Dulux colour range for your framing. With a ten-year warranty on its frames and sheets, enjoy comprehensive protection on your residential canopy in the event of any defects.

Key Features

  • Three stylish configurations available: Flat, Arch, and Gable

  • Class-leading proprietary New Zealand designed and made aluminium extrusion frame with a larger, thicker, and more robust cross-section

  • Polycarbonate 4.5 mm thick flat sheet roof co-extruded on both sides with Clariant CESA®-light UV and Light Stabilisers, available in 4 colours: clear, bronze-tinted, grey-tinted, and opal

  • Automotive-grade EPDM rubber seals, with stainless steel accessories and fasteners

  • Built-in gutter

  • Compatible with all outdoor blinds

Our 5 Step Process

  • Quote

    We come to your site and work with you to understand your needs. Our agents will provide professional recommendations and accurate quotes for the job. This on-site visit and quotation are free with no hidden charges and will help us better understand your desired design.

  • Measurement

    After the quote is accepted, our professional shelter and deck builders will return to your site to finalise the plan and other all-important aspects with you. They will take detailed measurements and pass them on to the design and draft team to produce engineering drawings.

  • Manufacturing

    Our factory will start processing your order once the design and draft team complete the drawing. We finish most of the fabrication in our factory with strict adherence to the drawing requirements. Production will take around four weeks.

  • Installation

    Installation usually takes 1 day or 2 days, depending on the complexity. On the installation day, we will follow the plan set out earlier while making small adjustments as required by the customer. The installation process is quick and efficient, minimising any interruption to your life.

  • Enjoy!

    At Canopy Tech, we understand that each customer has different needs and lifestyles. Therefore, we pay close attention to each client during the initial meeting to grasp their specific requirements. That is how we provide versatile and custom-made designs guaranteed for maximum enjoyment.

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Why Install a Custom House Canopy?

Extreme weather changes can ruin outdoor furniture and cause excessive moisture, which doesn’t make unsheltered patios and decks a great place to hang out. A tailored canopy solution would effectively remedy this, saving furniture from potential sun or rain damage and creating a perfect outdoor space for customers to relax.

 House canopies also provide an additional area for entertaining and socialising; gather with friends and family, enjoy a meal, and have the kids run about, all without fear of the natural elements.

Canopy Tech Has You Covered

As house owners, party lovers, and BBQ enthusiasts, we know first-hand what Kiwis want for their outdoor living spaces. Coupled with our years of experience in engineering, construction, and manufacturing, rest assured that we have the tools to create and deliver quality residential canopies. Our customised canopies are elegant looking, structurally integral, affordable, and certified for very high wind zones, making them perfect for the New Zealand climate.

Make Your House a Home with Canopy Technology

Together, we can create a unique canopy design catered to your requirements and perfect for the quintessential Kiwi lifestyle. Find a canopy agent in your area or contact Canopy Tech to get started today.  

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