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At Canopy Tech, our team of qualified designers and engineers are your best choice when looking at commercial outdoor solutions. Reach out to us for a discussion about our commercial canopies.

A commercial outdoor canopy elevates the area and offers shelter from the natural elements while customers patronise the establishment. A well-built canopy is the first thing a visitor sees before entering the premises as an extension of a physical storefront. A high-quality outdoor extension is essential in creating good first impressions. That’s why you need highly experienced builders who are well versed in the art of first-class commercial outdoor shelters and canopies.

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Choose Canopy Technology for Your Commercial Outdoor Shelter

Canopy Technology supplies all engineering joins, designs, and PS1 to support the consenting process for every job. We can build our products and designs into fully customised shapes, assisting with drawing and concepts or working with your existing plans to produce a 3D render of the project.

 PS1 typically takes a month. We can manufacture your project within eight weeks from the consent approval. We’ll handle installation ourselves, which we’ve included in your quote, as well as all health & safety certifications.

Key features

  • Three stylish configurations available: Flat, Arch, and Gable

  • Lightning

    Dulux® Powder Coating with over 50 colour options

  • Polycarbonate 4.5 mm thick flat sheet roof co-extruded on both sides with Clariant CESA®-light UV and Light Stabilisers, available in 4 colours: clear, bronze-tinted, grey-tinted, and opal

  • Automotive-grade EPDM rubber seals with stainless steel accessories and fasteners

  • Class-leading proprietary New Zealand designed and made aluminium extrusion frame with a larger, thicker, and more robust cross-section

  • Compatible with all outdoor blinds, and have built-in gutters

Why You Need a Commercial Outdoor Canopy

As the first thing customers see when they arrive, a well-designed and stable outdoor extension can make a long-lasting and positive impression on any visitor’s mind. Commercial canopies offer an excellent way for food establishments to expand the available seating. Doing so provides an outdoor dining experience with full shade and protection come rain or shine. Retail owners or other businesses can also use this extension for sales purposes, as a pick-up site, offer additional parking, or free up space for more customers.

 Extend the lifespan of your furniture and décor. Our outdoor canopies are made from materials of the highest quality and offer optimal UV protection, preventing any deterioration or discolouration of your exterior and interior decor.

Frequently asked questions

4weeks if a PS1 is required - 8wks manufacturing - Installation typically up to 1 week

Why choose Canopy Technology?

Our years of experience in engineering, construction, and manufacturing have afforded us the relevant skills needed to create and deliver quality commercial outdoor shelters and canopies. With top-of-the-line products sourced from local and overseas suppliers, we are constantly looking to improve our offerings and deliver our clients the best in outdoor solutions. Our customised canopies are elegant and affordable, making them the perfect accompaniment to any structure. Structurally integral and durable, our canopies and outdoor shelters are certified for very high wind zones, making them ideal for the New Zealand climate.

Enjoy Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction with Canopy Technology.

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